“Find your Balance” is Balance Lab’s 6-week online course, teaching present moment awareness incorporating the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness. This self study course is available for $40.

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“Find your Balance” is a 6-week online course, teaching present moment awareness incorporating the Alexander Technique and Mindfulness Exercises.


Curious folks interested in elevating their present moment awareness, with the time to commit 20 minutes a day for 6 weeks. 


You choose which day you would like to begin. You will then receive emails each day by 5am to be read at your leisure. Links to the guided exercises will be included in each email.


Ideally you would practice daily in a safe, quiet space where you would not be interrupted by phones, alerts, pets, people, children, or the government for 20 minutes in a row. The daily emails supporting the guided exercise can be read at your leisure. It need not be at the same time or the same place every day, but setting aside the time in advance around the same time everyday is highly encouraged.


Balance Lab is offering this program to both beginners and more seasoned practitioners of mind/body modalities.

The exercises offered over the course of the 6 weeks will be an accessible introduction for beginners and offer new tools for getting out of “fight or flight” and into “the zone".

How the course works:

On Day 1, you will receive a 20-minute guided exercise to listen to and practice along with for Week 1. You will also receive your first of 42 daily emails supporting the weekly theme. On the first day of Week 2, you will receive the second 20-minute guided exercise. In total, you will receive 6 20-minute guided exercises from which you will be able to choose your daily practice.

1-to-1 Option (launching Nov 1):

In addition to the process described above, the weekly 1-to-1 option includes a 30-minute video conference to further reinforce the theme of the week, and hold a short Q&A, followed by a bit of practice with a certified teacher over the internet. Scheduled through an online scheduling tool, these weekly 1-to-1s will happen as per your schedule.

Find Your Balance costs $40 for the self-study course described above.
Find Your Balance costs $250 for the weekly 1-to-1 course described above.